Fresh whites, natural tones and beautiful textures are combined in this stunning contemporary Coastal project by the talented duo, Zephyr and Stone.

Zephyr and Stone have cleverly designed these beautiful Coastal Duplex apartments two ways to showcase some show-stopping design features. We were lucky enough to be a part of this project, which features our Luna Pulls in both the brass and white finishes.

The kitchens in these spaces are great examples of seamlessly blending functionality with personality, and are well worth a mention…

In Apartment 1, Zephyr and Stone have cleverly used a combination of white and timber features to create a warm and neutral space which has been elevated by the introduction of brass accents.

The combination of the Polytec Thermolaminated Chifley profile cabinetry in Blossom white in the main kitchen and the Polytec Natural Oak Ravine in the hidden scullery, create a beautiful contrast of texture, finish and style.

The addition of brass accents in this space is certainly what takes it to the next level. The combination of our XL and Small Brushed brass Luna Pulls adds a layer of luxe and lustre which makes this space pop. Our brass hardware also ties in beautifully with the Abey Lucia Gooseneck brushed brass tap as the brass finish is a very close match.

Zephyr and stone have proportionally matched the Luna Pulls to the cabinetry using the XL Brass Luna pulls on the taller cupboards/integrated appliances and our smaller brass Luna pulls on the drawers. The brushed brass looks striking against the white cabinetry and equally as striking against the natural oak cabinetry which makes it a perfect finish for this space.

In Apartment 2, Zephyr and Stone have used the combination of white and timber features to create fresh, light and bright spaces.

The kitchen in this space is one of our favourites. Zephyr and Stone have essentially flipped the finishes of the cabinetry in this space to those in Apartment 1, using Polytec Natural Oak Ravine on the kitchen cabinets in the main space and Thermolaminated Polytec 3D Cove custom profile in the hidden scullery and island bench. The colour scheme is simple but the texture of these 3D cove panelled cabinet doors and drawers have added character and interest in this space.

To complement the light and bright finishes, Zephyr and Stone have used our White XL Luna Pulls on the oak cabinetry doors which certainly pop. They create another layer of shape and texture and add a wow factor to this space.

Zephyr and Stone have created two incredibly well-balanced kitchen spaces that are not only clever and functional, but are also the perfect calming combination of colours, textures and finishes. We are so honoured to see our Luna Pulls featured in such considered spaces.