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By using this site, you, the customer, agree to keep your account information safe and Lo & Co Interiors assume that you are the customer using the account. Lo & Co Interiors endeavour to provide high quality images on the website. We recommend that you read the descriptions carefully before you purchase as the products vary in size and colour. Lo & Co Interiors will maintain open and honest communication with all our customers. By using our website you understand and agree to the terms and Conditions.


Lo & Co Interiors use the delivery time suggested by Australia Post and our freight courier. The risk in the products passes to you upon delivery to your nominated delivery address, and title passes upon payment for the products in full.


Lo & Co Interiors pricing is accurate and current. We reserve the right to alter and update our pricing and delivery charges at anytime. Prices are subject to change until you have paid for items in full.


Returns, credits and replacements are all detailed in Lo&Co’s returns policy on the website. The Returns Policy is expressly incorporated in these Purchase Terms. Please refer to this policy to determine your entitlement to a return, and the process you need to follow.

Product Availability

In the rare event a product you have ordered is not available for delivery, Lo&Co may need to reject an order you have placed. In such cases Lo&Co will refund in full all amounts you paid in respect of such unavailable product.