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Corso4 Project by grayHAUS, photography by Brock Beazley

The architects at Brisbane based luxury residential design firm grayHAUS have created a stunning midcentury home with a contemporary feel. Their latest project on the riverfront Brisbane Corso is a spacious family home, with an elevated aspect and open layout.

Raw materials such as concrete and metal are subdued by warm timber elements, creating a welcoming atmosphere in such a generous space, while suspended concrete floors and floor to ceiling windows allow for an unobstructed view of the backyard and swimming pool. The layout of the main level flows seamlessly from one room to the next, making entertaining easy and enjoyable.

Our black Alpha Knobs are utilised against dark timber in multiple spaces to amplify the home’s midcentury feel. Our Kintore Pulls pair beautifully with thin shaker profile cabinetry by Mivis Joinery and an island bench from Porta Timber and Finestone Granite and Marble to create a striking kitchen area. Connected to the living and dining spaces and opening up to the outdoor entertaining area, the kitchen is the true focal point of the home.

This midcentury modern family home was well worth the twelve months it took to design – with no detail left out, it’s a beautiful and fresh take on a classic style.

Corso4 Project by grayHAUS, photography by Brock Beazley

Bone Made’s California Bungalow is the perfect marriage of form and function. Home to a family of six, and originally a heritage building, the space maintains a gorgeous sense of style while allowing its personality to shine through. The interior design is a mix of classic and contemporary, paying homage to the home’s past with beautiful herringbone flooring, shaker cabinets and brass fixtures. The muted colour palette adds warmth and enables the details to stand out, including a mud room with green tiling, and a wallpapered office space. We are so happy to have been involved in such a beautiful project – our Luna pulls are used effectively on rattan and oak cabinetry in the living room, while our Kintore handles become a striking detail against white cabinetry in the kitchen and master bedroom. While it can be difficult to combine modern and heritage design, we feel as though Bone Made have done it perfectly in their California Bungalow.

We are so spoilt by choice these days with a number of stunning cabinetry profiles which add texture and interest in your space and takes joinery to a new level. But have you ever wondered what the profile is called and which profile matches your style home. You may have heard names such as Shaker, Flat, V Groove, Thin Shaker and Custom just to name a few. Well we are here to tell you a bit more about them and which handles work best for these profiles.


The shaker profile is one of the most classic designs and can be defined by its picture frame border and flat inset centre. The shaker profile is one of the more popular profiles and most commonly used in traditional and Hampton’s styled homes. When selecting a handle to compliment a shaker profile we recommend a long pull handle. On drawers the pull handle generally sits horizontally in the flat inset section of the drawers whereas on cupboards the pull handle sits vertically on the border closer to the edge of the cabinet. Some of our pulls that work the best on shaker profiles are the Kintore pulls, Curve Pulls, Hentley Pulls and Linear Pulls. We generally do not recommend any handles on overhead cupboards, as otherwise the space can look quite busy and overcrowded. However if a handle is a must, we recommend a small round knob on the overhead cupboards to compliment the long pulls. Our small Ascot knobs are the perfect match and these would sit on the border close together.


A flat profile is certainly the most popular profile and are more commonly used in modern and contemporary homes. This minimal profile provides the ability to mix and match colours and finishes to create a more interesting space. Timber and laminate finishes can be used on flat profiles and there are such a stunning array of laminate finishes available. When choosing handles for a flat profile we cannot look past the Luna Pull which when placed together on a vertical cupboard creates a circle shape. The Luna Pull can also add a different shape element to the space which creates interest and another layer to the space. To maintain the minimal look, another popular choice of handle is the Lincoln and Carlisle lip pulls. These lip pulls sit on the edge of the cabinetry so you can just see the edge of the handles which is perfect for the person who wants the functionality of a handle but a more clean minimal look. However pretty much any handle/ knob can be used on flat profiles, so now to choose which one!


One of the most current trends, the V-Groove, also known as a VJ Groove and a Tongue and Groove profile, is certainly currently in the spotlight. The V-Groove is defined by its vertical wide lines which creates the look of wall panelling. The V-Groove profile suits many different styles including a modern, contemporary and coastal home. The vertical lines add texture and interest to a space without looking too cluttered or busy. The best handles to use for a V-Groove profile are long pull handles as these follow with the vertical lines. These include the Kintore pulls, Curve Pulls, Hentley Pulls and Linear Pulls. Another favourite is the Lincoln and Carlisle lip pulls which sit on the edge of the cabinetry so you can just see the edge of the handles.


Just as the name describes, this profile is the same as a shaker profile, however the picture frame border is a lot more slim, making this profile much more minimal and suited to pretty much any style home including modern, contemporary and traditional. This profile is perfect for keeping your cabinetry super simple however adding a bit of interest. One of our favourite profiles currently, this profile looks stunning with long pull handles including our Kintore pulls, Curve Pulls, Hentley Pulls and Linear Pulls however can also look great with our thin Carlisle lip pulls.


If you are wanting to take your joinery to the next level, these custom profiles are just stunning and add shape and impact to your space. The appearance of close together vertical lines and scalloped edging (whether inset or outset) creates a gorgeous subtle shadow along the vertical curve. There is a large range of vertical-lined, panelled cabinetry options to create different looks, or if you can’t find what you’re after, you can create your own custom profile. Polytec and Porta timber have some some amazing options. Handles can be tricky to place on these profiles, so the handles we recommend are the Lincoln and Carlisle lip pulls. These sit at the edge of the cabinetry and provide the perfect crowning jewel to your cabinetry.

Our Curve Pull and Ascot Knobs have landed in aged brass. For all of you who want a beautifully aged look to your brass, this finish is a must. It accentuates the beautiful ageing process of natural brass, it is slightly darker than our natural brass.

The Curve Pull and Ascot Knob are a match made in heaven, both with stunning curved lines.

If you appreciate the aged look of brass this is the finish for you!

We have seen brass tap ware and hardware make a huge statement over the past few years and we have loved seeing the beautiful finish add warmth and interest in all spaces. But current trends have seen bronze make its mark as the new “It” metal and we can certainly see why.

Like brass, bronze plays well with other finishes and colours and is a little bit more neutral and minimal. Bronze will compliment any style, whether traditional or contemporary and add that subtle warmth that we all love.

We have seen designer tap ware brands including Brodware and Astrawalker release stunning bronze finishes and we have therefore released a beautiful bronze range to ensure we have the perfect handle for your space.

See it in gorgeous interior spaces and every interior trend that you swoon over.

The latest styled shoot of some of our newest beauties.

The Brass, Bronze and Nickel ranges continue to expand with the highly anticipated arrival of our Curve Pulls…and yes folks if you look closely enough you can see our Kintore Pulls in bronze. These are due to arrive mid-October, along with our Hentley Pulls in Nickel and White.

Our marble collection expands with the arrival of the Dot Pulls, the gorgeous shape is so on trend, and the length of them makes them perfect for larger cupboards.

The Harper & Harley and Mabel & May knobs feature flat lay shows us the endless mounting combinations that these geometric lined handles can create. The aim is to be bold, double hang them, offset them and be as creative as you like to create something truely unique.

Last but not least this is the first sneak peak of our Linear Pull, the long rounded pull, with linear knurling. Its the simple handle with the detail that makes it oh so special!


Lo & Co

Fresh whites, natural tones and beautiful textures are combined in this stunning contemporary Coastal project by the talented duo, Zephyr and Stone.

Zephyr and Stone have cleverly designed these beautiful Coastal Duplex apartments two ways to showcase some show-stopping design features. We were lucky enough to be a part of this project, which features our Luna Pulls in both the brass and white finishes.

The kitchens in these spaces are great examples of seamlessly blending functionality with personality, and are well worth a mention…

In Apartment 1, Zephyr and Stone have cleverly used a combination of white and timber features to create a warm and neutral space which has been elevated by the introduction of brass accents.

The combination of the Polytec Thermolaminated Chifley profile cabinetry in Blossom white in the main kitchen and the Polytec Natural Oak Ravine in the hidden scullery, create a beautiful contrast of texture, finish and style.

The addition of brass accents in this space is certainly what takes it to the next level. The combination of our XL and Small Brushed brass Luna Pulls adds a layer of luxe and lustre which makes this space pop. Our brass hardware also ties in beautifully with the Abey Lucia Gooseneck brushed brass tap as the brass finish is a very close match.

Zephyr and stone have proportionally matched the Luna Pulls to the cabinetry using the XL Brass Luna pulls on the taller cupboards/integrated appliances and our smaller brass Luna pulls on the drawers. The brushed brass looks striking against the white cabinetry and equally as striking against the natural oak cabinetry which makes it a perfect finish for this space.

In Apartment 2, Zephyr and Stone have used the combination of white and timber features to create fresh, light and bright spaces.

The kitchen in this space is one of our favourites. Zephyr and Stone have essentially flipped the finishes of the cabinetry in this space to those in Apartment 1, using Polytec Natural Oak Ravine on the kitchen cabinets in the main space and Thermolaminated Polytec 3D Cove custom profile in the hidden scullery and island bench. The colour scheme is simple but the texture of these 3D cove panelled cabinet doors and drawers have added character and interest in this space.

To complement the light and bright finishes, Zephyr and Stone have used our White XL Luna Pulls on the oak cabinetry doors which certainly pop. They create another layer of shape and texture and add a wow factor to this space.

Zephyr and Stone have created two incredibly well-balanced kitchen spaces that are not only clever and functional, but are also the perfect calming combination of colours, textures and finishes. We are so honoured to see our Luna Pulls featured in such considered spaces.

It is the final renovation to the family dream home of Michael and Carlene Duffy.

The stunning Tallebudgera home in the Gold Coast Hinterland has been passionately transformed into a sanctuary for their young family. The use of colour and texture throughout the home is nothing short of brilliant! This thoughtful renovation has produced some show stopping rooms, and we are lucky enough they chose some our favourite brass Lo&Co hardware for the green cabinetry and arch encased doors.

The study uses our brass T-Plate pulls, accented by the brass shelving. With a large provincial footed table used as the central desk above a traditional rug. It has become the ultimate collaborative and creative workspace.

The freestanding Tropez Basin from Concrete Nation has turned a tiny powder room into a playful feature. With our Brass T-Plate Pulls used for the sliding doors. 

The EasyCraft EasyVJ Panels have been used on most walls and replace the standard flat plasterboard. Adding texture and softness to the renovation, whilst paying homage to the traditional Queenslander home.

The Kitchen’s deep sage green cabinetry is gently softened by the soft green walls and the arched opening leading to a blush pink laundry. A combination of our Large Brass Alpha Knobs and Brass Kintore Pulls have been used. But the show stopping feature of this kitchen is the central island encompassing the round banquet seating, this is the perfect family dining setting. 

We are in love and really what is not to love! This is a beautiful family home we hope they enjoy for many years to come.

In the current trend of light & bright, fresh & dreamy and minimal interiors, you can see why white hardware has made a huge comeback. So much so, we will be releasing a whole matte white collection in the next couple of months, featuring some of our most popular designs plus some exciting new styles.

White goes with everything and anything. It adds brightness to a space. It looks stunning against the current trend of warm timber and earthy tones and it looks amazing with blush (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love blush!).

See it on current fashion runways, in dreamy interior spaces and every Interior Design trend that you swoon over. White is definitely on the “Hot List” so keep an eye out for our new releases.

  1. Flat Lay by Nectaar using our Kintore Pull custom powder coated in Dulux Matte White
  2. Lo & Co Carlisle Pull in Matte White
  3. Adam Kane Architects — Brighton House
  4. Project by Lo & Co Interiors featuring our Matte White Carlisle Pull
  5. Image via Tom Mark Henry
  6. Single Ball Spoti Wall Sconce in matte white by Articolo Lighting
  7. Light and bright ceramics by EHeid Ceramics
  8. The Line Table by Nathalie DeBoel—Paired with chair by Destroyers Builders
  9. Project by Norsu Interiors featuring our Lincoln Pulls 20cm in white
  10. White tapware in this project by Mim Design Studio
  11. Lo & Co Arc Marble Handle in Carrara