The latest styled shoot of some of our newest beauties.

The Brass, Bronze and Nickel ranges continue to expand with the highly anticipated arrival of our Curve Pulls…and yes folks if you look closely enough you can see our Kintore Pulls in bronze. These are due to arrive mid-October, along with our Hentley Pulls in Nickel and White.

Our marble collection expands with the arrival of the Dot Pulls, the gorgeous shape is so on trend, and the length of them makes them perfect for larger cupboards.

The Harper & Harley and Mabel & May knobs feature flat lay shows us the endless mounting combinations that these geometric lined handles can create. The aim is to be bold, double hang them, offset them and be as creative as you like to create something truely unique.

Last but not least this is the first sneak peak of our Linear Pull, the long rounded pull, with linear knurling. Its the simple handle with the detail that makes it oh so special!


Lo & Co